Nothing advertises your company better than your logo.  We have a large selection of shapes and sizes that can amplify your logo.  We can customize things for schools and businesses. 

Printing Supplies

Even if  you do your own thermal printing, we can offer you an array of supplies.  Starting with the blank label all the way to the ribbons you need to print. 

Many manufactured products need instruction booklets.  Instruction booklets and manuals come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  We can accommodate most any size.  We also offer carbon-less forms and inventory tags that will suite your needs.  

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Roll Labels

Deli Labels

Sheet Labels

Printing supplies


Sheet Labels include products that don't have adhesive as well as those that come with adhesive and are on sheets rather than rolls.  We offer a variety of types of sheet fed materials. 

Roll Labels

Manufacturers need labels.  Phillips Company can offer you a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  We can produce safety labels, warning labels and product labels.

Deli Market Labels

Grocers need their items to get attention.  We offer a wide variety of deli and market labels that can easily grasp the attention of any customer. 

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